Presbyopia Condition

Presbyopia Condition

Are you struggling with reading menus or text messages? Do you find yourself holding books or newspapers further away from your eyes to see them clearly? If so, you may be experiencing presbyopia, a common age-related vision condition that can be treated at our optometry office in League City, TX.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process that affects everyone to some degree. As we get older, the lens of the eye becomes less flexible, making it harder to focus on objects up close. This can make reading, using a computer, or performing other near tasks difficult.

Symptoms of Presbyopia

The symptoms of presbyopia can include:

  • Blurred vision when reading or performing close work
  • Difficulty seeing small print or low-light conditions
  • Eye strain or fatigue
  • Headaches
Presbyopia Conditionin League City, TX.
Diagnosing Presbyopia in League City, TX.

Diagnosing Presbyopia

Presbyopia can be diagnosed during a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist. This exam may involve a visual acuity test, a refraction test, and a slit-lamp examination to examine the front of the eye.

Treating Presbyopia

Presbyopia can be corrected through various treatments, including:

Eyeglasses: Corrective lenses are a common and effective treatment for presbyopia. Eyeglasses with bifocal, trifocal, or progressive lenses can help correct vision for both near and far distances.

Contact Lenses: Multifocal contact lenses can provide clear vision for both near and far distances.

Refractive Surgery: LASIK and other types of refractive surgery can reshape the cornea to correct presbyopia. This can be a good option for people who do not want to rely on eyeglasses or contact lenses.

At our optometry office in League City, TX, we offer all of these treatments for presbyopia. Our team of eye care professionals will work with you to determine the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

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